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Chat with your Data - Wake Up and Embrace Data-Driven Innovation - Self-Service Analytics and Business Intelligence
Peter TasalaJun 26, 2023 4:45:47 PM2 min read

Why You Need to Wake Up and Embrace Data-Driven Innovation?

Working as an external consultant in the corporate world, I've had vivid reminders of why I took the leap to start my own company and become independent. The stark contrast between the well-cushioned comfort zone of corporate life and the freedom to innovate has reinforced the correctness of my initial decision.

Leadership on Sleeping Pills:

The heart of the matter lies with leadership. It's no surprise that the comfort zone mentality trickles down from the top. I've come to call it "Leadership on Sleeping Pills." Witnessing the pervasive "don't rock the boat" mindset on a daily basis can be overwhelming. People are often hesitant to take risks or embrace revolutionary ideas due to the fear of failure and the potential impact on their bonuses.

Breaking Free and Thinking Outside the Box:

Contrasting this sleepwalking culture, I found myself using every ounce of energy left after a day in the corporate world striving to do the exact opposite: to challenge the status quo and to think outside the box, to find new avenues of disruption and innovation.

The Illusion of Being Data-Driven:

The same sleepwalking pattern applies to the notion of being "data-driven." It's easy to feel data-driven when spreadsheets are constantly circulating, creating an illusion of productivity. Some organisations have advanced to using pre-configured dashboards with monthly updates, while a few pioneers even have daily or real-time data feeds. However, these pre-configured dashboards still fall short. Even with real-time data, the dashboards remain pre-configured and rigid.

Breaking the Cycle:

Imagine forgetting your metaphorical sleeping pill and coming to the office brimming with innovative ideas, only to find the corporate "agile" cycle blocking your path. The process requires the refinement of your request by business analysts, prioritization by the Product Owner, and implementation by data analysts after weeks of waiting. By then, the market opportunity may have already slipped away.

Unleash Cost Savings - Before Chat with your Data

Wouldn't it be more productive to directly question your data, rather than wait for lengthy administrative processes?

Embrace the Benefits of Self-Service BI:

Luckily, we have a solution: CHAT WITH YOUR DATA™. Our modern SaaS solution empowers you to become a data analyst without requiring any technical skills. Simply ask your data questions and receive visualised insights instantly!

No more waiting for access to insights. You can truly become data-driven, not to mention significantly reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of your Data & Analytics/BI. All the steps following the data pipeline and data warehouse, such as the creation of the Reporting Layer or Data Marts, Report Development, and Dashboard Development, will become more or less redundant.

Unleash Cost Savings - After Chat with your Data

The era of waiting has ended. The future of Self-Service BI is here. Contact us today and book a free demo to witness the power of CHAT WITH YOUR DATA™ in action.

Say Bye to report development

P.S. Say goodbye to sleeping pills – you can send them to your competitors ;)


Peter Tasala

As Data Strategist at Vidalico Digital, he is a hands-on problem solver and turnaround manager with over 20 years of experience in data analytics and digital transformation.