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Reporting and BI
Peter TasalaMay 8, 2023 10:56:14 AM2 min read

Release the Power of INTERACTIVE Self-Service Analytics

Are you tired of waiting for IT departments to generate reports and queries? Do you need to make quick, informed decisions based on data that is constantly changing? Look no further than CHAT WITH YOUR DATA™ - the solution that allows you to chat with your data.

Chat Your Way to Faster and Better Business Decisions

Traditional BI wasn't designed for self-service. In reality, users had to rely on the data team to generate reports and dashboards. This creates a bottleneck that causes delays, frustration, and inefficiencies. Self-service BI & Analytics platforms like CHAT WITH YOUR DATA™ change all that:

    • CHAT WITH YOUR DATA™ generates queries, reports and dashboards for you as quickly as you can type.

    • CHAT WITH YOUR DATA™ allows you to be flexible and adaptable to the rapidly changing world of business, and you no longer have to rely on predetermined reports or wait for IT departments to generate new queries.

But what sets CHAT WITH YOUR DATA™ apart from other solutions? Our (at least) x10 factor. By chatting with your data, you can generate queries and report combinations automatically and quickly. You can ask dynamic follow-up questions until you have a situation under control. All queries enable you to take action, propelling your enterprise forward. 

CHAT WITH YOUR DATA™ is not just for IT departments. It's for everyone - from the C-Level down to the data entry function. With CHAT WITH YOUR DATA™, you can let the creativity flow and let everyone chat with their data. No more waiting, no more limitations. Finally, a solution to enable true data democratisation!

Chat with your Data - Data Democratization

Self-service BI & Analytics platforms like CHAT WITH YOUR DATA™ empower users to access the data they need, freeing up the data team to focus on more advanced analysis. With self-service BI, everyone can access the data they need, empowering users to make more informed decisions and driving business success.

In conclusion, self-service BI & Analytics is the way forward, and CHAT WITH YOUR DATA™ is a prime example of how it can unlock the power of your data. With this solution, you can chat your way to better business decisions, generate queries and report combinations automatically and quickly, and enable true data democratisation.

Say goodbye to waiting for IT departments and hello to true self-service!

Say Bye to report development

If you're interested in learning more about how to start chatting with your data without having to wait IT to deliver, contact us today and book a free demo to get impressed by experiencing our enterprise-ready, and fully scalable solution, CHAT WITH YOUR DATA™ in action!


Peter Tasala

As Data Strategist at Vidalico Digital, he is a hands-on problem solver and turnaround manager with over 20 years of experience in data analytics and digital transformation.