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Data Analytics & Direct Democracy Switzerland - Chat with your Data - Data Democratization
Peter TasalaMay 21, 2023 7:30:00 PM1 min read

Why is Swiss Direct Democracy linked with Self-Service Analytics?

As Vidalico Digital is a Swiss company (with Finnish roots), it could be an interesting point of view to discuss the direct democracy in Switzerland in the context of data democratisation.

Direct Democracy in the context of Data Democratisation

Switzerland is known for its unique form of (direct) democracy, where citizens have a direct say in policy-making through referendums and initiatives. This system has been praised for its inclusivity and the active involvement of citizens in decision-making. But what can we learn from this system in the context of democratising analytics?

Just like the Swiss cantons are like departments or silos of a company, data silos, and access to data in general, are a major barrier to democratising analytics within an organisation. By breaking down these silos and consolidating data into a “single source of truth”, everyone within an organisation can access the same data, just like how Swiss citizens have an equal say in referendums and initiatives.

In addition, Switzerland's direct democracy system also emphasises the importance of a shift in mindset towards active involvement and participation in decision-making. Similarly, to democratising analytics, fostering a data-driven culture is crucial. This requires a mindset shift where data is seen as an asset and everyone within an organisation values and uses it to inform decision-making.

Moreover, just as Switzerland's direct democracy system requires inclusive participation, democratising analytics also requires breaking down barriers to participation. Simplifying analytics processes and providing intuitive analytics tools that are easy to use can encourage non-technical users to engage with analytics tools and gain the skills necessary to analyse and visualise data.

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In conclusion, Switzerland's direct democracy system offers valuable lessons for democratising analytics within organisations. Breaking down data silos, fostering a data-driven culture, providing real-time data insights, and encouraging participation can all contribute to making analytics accessible to everyone within an organisation, just as Swiss citizens have a say in policy-making.

By democratising analytics, organisations can empower their workforce to make informed decisions, identify new opportunities, and gain a competitive advantage in today's data-driven world.

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Peter Tasala

As Data Strategist at Vidalico Digital, he is a hands-on problem solver and turnaround manager with over 20 years of experience in data analytics and digital transformation.