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Peter TasalaOct 27, 2023 10:48:37 PM2 min read

Why Bad Data Quality Will Become Expensive?

In our previous article, we underscored how impeccable data quality is instrumental for insightful analytics and informed business choices. But the looming question remains: What's the outcome when data precision takes a backseat? The response, though straightforward, is daunting—the ramifications of poor data quality can be staggering.

The Staggering Price of Substandard Data

Each resolution derived from erroneous or obsolete data can culminate in considerable monetary setbacks, tarnished brand image, and opportunities squandered. While the dividends of prioritizing data quality are manifold, the adverse effects of overlooking it are profound.

A Real-World Case: The Perils of Data Negligence

Imagine a leading firm in the logistics sector that, due to obsolete systems and vulnerable data, fell prey to a malicious cyber intrusion. This hypothetical cyber onslaught led to system shutdowns, compromised data, and consequent financial turmoil. Such scenarios underline the precariousness businesses flirt with when data isn't diligently maintained, refreshed, or shielded.

Deciphering the Intrinsic Worth of Superior Data Quality

This conceptual example isn't an isolated incident. Numerous enterprises, spanning diverse domains, have grappled with the aftershocks of subpar data quality. It transcends mere monetary losses, extending to waning confidence among partners and clientele.

  • Decision-making Fragility: Strategizing based on faulty data can divert a firm towards unintended trajectories, varying from trivial hiccups to colossal strategic miscalculations.
  • Operational Glitches: Inaccurate data disrupts streamlined operations, accruing wasted resources and time. These hitches, when aggregated over durations, impinge on profit margins.
  • Client Discontent: Modern-day patrons anticipate tailor-made interactions. Dependence on flawed data can misguide marketing ventures, product blueprints, and client interactions, thereby alienating customers.

Steering Clear of Traps with Vidalico Digital

At Vidalico Digital, we profoundly grasp the significance of unblemished data quality. Our objective is to steer organizations away from the pitfalls of flawed data. Harnessing our prowess in data verification, refinement, and oversight, we fortify businesses to exploit the entirety of analytical prospects sans the hazards of imperfect data.

To encapsulate, adhering to the adage, "Prevention surpasses cure," has never been more apt, especially in the data domain. Upholding data quality isn't a mere luxury; it's paramount. Sidestepping this critical facet can navigate enterprises towards hazardous terrains, given the exorbitant price of poor data quality is an expense no establishment should bear.

We firmly believe that data quality is the cornerstone of successful data management. By emphasizing the significance of accurate and reliable data, organizations can unlock the full potential of these solutions. With a focus on data quality, businesses can confidently chat with their data, uncovering valuable insights, and driving transformative decision-making to understand their customers better.


We are not only passionate about chatting with data, but also dedicated to providing Data Analytics Advisory Services that guide organizations on their data quality journey.

Together, let's harness the power of data quality and revolutionize the way businesses thrive in the digital era!





Peter Tasala

As Data Strategist at Vidalico Digital, he is a hands-on problem solver and turnaround manager with over 20 years of experience in data analytics and digital transformation.