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Which social media platforms are right for my business?

Why your business should be on social media

With over 3.1 billion active users, social media has a huge impact. If 40 percent of the world’s population is on social media, your business should be, too. For your business, social media is a tool to help.

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An Introduction to Product Marketing

Product marketing is a complex area and it takes a lot to get right especially for start-ups and SME's. In many cases, due to limited time and resources, start-ups don't give product marketing the attention it deserves.

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How to attract your audience - Engaging Marketers: Episode 2

The marketing story continues.

This week I had another marketing talk with Veronica from SPIN Ideas in Amsterdam. In this video, our main focus was the first stage of the inbound marketing process: the attract phase. The illustration bellow gives you.

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Engaging Marketers: the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing

A while ago, I was talking to my friend Veronica from SPIN Ideas in Amsterdam about a way to collaborate professionally. We both own marketing agencies that help startups and SMBs with their digital marketing, so it felt only natural to team up.

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